Your social application for forestry education.

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Navigate the map. Discover forests and singular trees.

With a simple browser you have access to massive forestry data at your fingertips. Navigate the map, go to remote or nearby locations and find unique forests and trees. EducaWood is consciously optimized to work even on mobile devices. Recommended browsers: Firefox and Chrome.

Create and annotate trees. Contribute to the community.

Find trees in your field trips and annotate them in EducaWood. Identify tree species, measure heights and diameters, set tree statuses, upload tree photos... You can create your own trees or improve the descriptions of others'.

Based on Linked Open Data. Checkmate.

All annotations are stored as Linked Open Data. EducaWood also makes use of the Spanish Forestry Inventory. Accessing Linked Open Data is not easy; we tame the beast with CRAFTS.

More cool features. Worth noting.

Download tree data in GeoJSON, CSV, and KML formats. We employ base maps from OpenStreetMap and Esri. Check also our Forest Explorer, a web application for easily navigating Iberian forests.